The Devil is a Liar… And so is …

Am I the only one that’s experienced that moment when the ex whose number you think you’ve either deleted, or blocked, shows up on your screen, and you get a confused…

Itching for the Island Life

Exam Anxiety

Goodbyes and Sexy Sangria

“I just want to be friends”

    | Published: August 2016, in The Namibian Sun | Gone are the days when you could respectfully reject a guy, and he would equally respectfully accept that, and…

Monochromatic Belles

My Surname Makes Me Less of a Wambu?

The Okonjima (EE) Experience

Q & A(nnie)

  It is not often that I get to meet awe-inspiring women, so naturally I felt honoured when I was offered  to interview Annabel one Friday afternoon. Unprepared and excited…

Leave it in 2015

Birthdays, Shots and (Bowling) Balls

Oh Joy, Another Dirty One!